2 Weeks With The Droid X

So I have had my Droid X for 2 weeks now. The phone has been amazing. There were some issues with it in the beginning with the syncing, but that was my fault for not setting it up correctly. The phone has a beautiful design to it, and a beautiful screen to match.

The Motorola developers and designers behind this phone really went all out. It’s a great device that feels good in your hands, and has a good weight to it. The phone has a 4.3” screen on it that is gorgeous and bright. so bight that if you do not turn it down, the battery life diminishes a lot. Even with the screen not on full brightness, it is still gorgeous.

The battery life of this phone has gotten a lot better since the Android 2.2 update. I can get through the entire day now and not have to charge. The touch screen took some getting used to, then again, I’ve been using an iPhone for the last 2 years. The differences in their virtual keyboards are subtle, but enough to feel different.

There are a couple of things that I do miss from my iPhone. The battery life if the iPhone 3G, while I do not like iTunes, I love how it can manage the apps for the iPhone, and the amount of apps in the iPhone App store.

Those are all things that I do believe will come to Android, it’s just a matter of time. As someone who was a die hard iPhone user, I have no regrets about moving to Verizon and Android. And by the way…can you hear me now? The call quality and so far, no dropped calls is amazing.

Anyone looking for a smart phone, you have to at least look at the Droid X. My other recommendation would be the HTC EVO on Sprint.

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