Vacuum Your Computer

So I learned a valuble lesson today. Vacuum your computer. You don’t have to spend money on cans of compressed air, and, you don’t end up with dust and other crap floating around in the air. We had to do some work on a PC today, still working on it now actually, and the thing was full of dust.

And what do you do when your computer is full of dust? You get a can of compressed air and blow it out. Well, until today, that is what I thought as well. Angie stops me as I am about to start with the can of air, and tells me to get the vacuum and vacuum our the computer. Now, this sounded silly to me, but hey, I’m always willing to try new stuff, you never know what you are going to learn.

The lesson that I learned is that vacuuming out your computer does just as a good, if not a better job than a can of compressed air. And since I have a vacuum cleaner at home, no more buying cans of compressed air. the one caveat, make sure you have a soft brush head for your vacuum.

Wow….the shit you learn at work.