Safety Glasses

So we found out last week that because of the chemicals that are used in our labs, there will be some safety spot checks later this year, and then randomly to make sure people are practicing proper lab safety. We work with a lot of chemicals, and there have been some explosions and leaks in some of the labs. they are labs, and that is going to happen from time to time.

So even I am now required to put on a pair of safety glasses when I go in the labs. It’s no big deal to me, my attitude is, what works tells me to do at work, I do it, as long as I have no strong moral objection to what I am being told to do.

I had to pick up some surplus equipment this week and some of it had locks on it, and no keys were found. Honestly, I didn’t look that hard, because I was itching to use my new safety glasses. 🙂 So I grabbed the bolt cutters and began breaking locks. And yes, I am glad that I now have safety glasses, because while breaking the locks, a few pieces did fly back and hit me in the face. Mostly because of the way I was breaking the bolts. 🙂

Moral of the story, even computer people need safety glasses. 🙂

Sometimes I Forget That I Am An Adult

…and not in the way that you think. I have undergone a few transitions in my life. There was once a time where I was just a raging ball of anger and people didn’t like being around me. And those that did, they have no idea the amount of love I have for them, for putting up with me during a time where I was the worst kind of ass hole.

That being said, I can actually see that I am not that person any longer. I can actually see the person I am now, and how that person was shaped by they person I used to be. While I am no longer the ranging ball of anger I used to be, make no mistake. If you fuck with me or anyone I care about, I will still fuck you up, you just won’t see it coming. 🙂 And that is probably the way it should be.

What prompted this was a post that a friend of mine made about distance relationships. My answer even shocked me a bit. Not because I am not capable of giving good advice, not that I think I am better than anyone else, but sometimes I forget that I can be quite a deep person who can speak volumes about lots of things. The old me was limited to a narrow range of topics. Now that may have been self imposed or it was just a function of who I was at the time. Either way, I have come a long way in a medium length of time.

I am very proud of myself. And if you don’t think I should be, you can go fuck yourself. 🙂