I Hate You People So Much….

So I finally watched the Miley Cyrus performance from the 2013 VMA’s. What I have learned by watching this bull shit is that Miley Cyrus is a horrible singer. How she has a record deal is beyond me. I guess talent is no longer a prerequisite to being a singer.

Also, let’s talk about her “twerking” on stage. Miley Cyrus’ ass is as flat as an ironing board. How in the hell do you “twerk” with no ass? Also, the segment with her and Robin Thicke…it’s a damn shame that is what passes for entertainment these days. Then again, I am a dinosaur and am no longer the target audience for what is considered popular music.

Now, if we go back and look at the career of Rihanna, you will some similarities to her and Miley Cyrus’ journey. Both came out and in the beginning had these clean cut good girl images. Both then started down a path of no longer being the good girl. Rihanna became the target in a lot of people’s cross hairs for the transition of her image. Miley Cyrus, while making the exact same transition, is looked upon as a young independent woman doing what she wants to do on her own terms.


Yet again, we see the same double standard that has always been there, but far too many of you don’t see it. When this young black woman does it, she is looked down upon and talked about as if she has murdered everyone’s 1st born baby girl. When a young white woman does the exact same thing that the young black woman was condemned for doing, she is not condemned as the young black woman was. She is damn near celebrated for doing it.

Now, that seems a little odd to me, that when two people do the same thing, one is condemned and one is celebrated. Then again, I also believe that no double standard is allowable. At some point, society has to stop this kind of bull shit and levy the same words on people when the people do the same things, and stop elevating one over the other.

Above when I talked about Miley being celebrated, those were things I have read that were pre-VMA performance. whether or not those same people are still going to speak positively about her after this performance remains to be seen.

Dirty And Raunchy

Now, I am an advocate of good music with meaning and depth and lots of thought provoking imagery. I’m also an advocate of balance in music. If we have that deep meaningful music, we must also have the other side of the coin.

Right now, I am in the mood for some dirty raunchy music. This is the only track of his that I have heard that is dirty and raunchy, and it is damn good. I need him to make more music like this. Some of you will know this song, some won’t. For those who don’t know it, it’s about time you were introduced.

Sync Your DROID X With iTunes

So I have found a web site with some instructions on syncing your DROID X with iTunes. I can only assume this will work with other Android devices. I was previously using DoubleTwist for this task, but DoubleTwist still has some work they need to do before they over take iTunes when it comes to media management.

The downside to DoubleTwist is that it is not an open source project so I can not grab the source code and contribute to this project. I need to start emailing them and find out how I can contribute. I believe in the Android platform and want to help it succeed. It’s a very cool mobile platform and I see some very nice things on the horizon for hit.

Has much as I used to hate writing code, when you are working on projects that you believe in, writing code can be a very good thing.

My Top 25 Emcee’s

This is a list of my top 25 Emcee’s. It is by no means a definitive list. If you don’t agree with my list, oh well, go make your own.

01) Rakim
02) GURU
03) Talib Kweli
04) Mos Def
05) Rev Run
06) Doug E. Fresh
07) Chuck D
08) Ice Cube
09) Tupac
10) MC Lyte
11) Blackthought
12) Lupe Fiasco
13) KRS-One
14) NAS
15) Busta Rhymes
16) Pharoahe Monch
17) Big Daddy Kane
18) LL Cool J
19) Queen Latifa
20) QTip
21) Scarface
22) Eminem
23) Andre 3000
24) Common
25) Kool Moe Dee

Musical Interlude

This monrings theme music was providing by the following.

Westside Connection – Bow Down
Ice T – Colors
The Lox Ft. Lil’ Kim & DMX – Money, Power, Respect
Leela James – I Know I Been Changed
Ice Cube – Now I Gotta Wet ‘Cha
I-20 Ft. Ludacris and Bone Crusher – Break Bread
Kurtis Blow – Basketball
Guru Ft. Issac Hayes – Night Vision

As always, listen to some good music today.