Nope, Not Today

Ok, so I’m waiting on them to make my breakfast this morning, and I was talking with one of the managers like I usually do. He and I have a chat about the current election.

We talk about how some people believe that the elections are all predetermined, and I say that I don’t believe that, nor do I believe in the Illuminati. Another lady is waiting on her food and gives me this evil ass side eye. Makes no sense to me, but hey, everyone is entitled to side eye a comment.

As she and I are walking out, she says to me, in the most condescending tone I’ve heard in a long time…”it doesn’t matter if you believe something, it is still true.” She goes on to mention that black folks have been voting democrat for 60 years and it has gotten us nothing, and that she is not going to vote.

I say to her, then that makes you part of the problem and I walk to my car. After I sad that, before I start walking to the car, she gives me this evil look as if she wanted to swing on me. Seriously…you jump in my conversation, give me some shitty condescending remark, then get mad because I don’t take your shit, and I have something to say about it.

I had time this morning and I am not the one for her bullshit.

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