Financial Planning

Recently, actually, I have no idea when this happened, but my agent who managed one of my IRA’s quit and moved, and I was reassigned to a new agent. No big deal, except no one ever told me my agent quit and that I had a new agent. A simple form letter to all of the people being assigned to this new agent is a simple piece of technology to implement.

This being the final straw with this company, I called to cancel the IRA that they managed. And you know what, no one at the company tried to deter me from canceling or do anything to keep my business. What was really funny is that my new agent’s assistant, could not find me in the system as being a customer of her boss. But when I log on to the web site, I can see that I am still a customer of this company, they still have, what I consider a large amount of my money, and that he is my agent. I guess I really am just a number to them and that the amount of money I had them managing is not enough for them to care.

It’s a good thing I kept all the statements that they sent me to know exactly how much of my money, they seem to not know that they are managing. Oh well, they will no longer reap any benefit from my money and no longer forget that it is there.

I really need companies to be aware of who they do business with. Maybe I would matter to them if they had millions of dollars of mine to watch over.