Rule #005, In All That You Do, Let There Be Balance

It’s no secret that I am an audiophile. I love good music that has great sound. Now, I at times bash a lot of the music that is played on the music, and yes, I think most of it is garbage, however, there is some good stuff out there. The main issue that I have is there is a lack of balance in the music, and other forms of media that we, as people consume.

I have always lived, no, I have always tried to live my life by some very simple rules. I have done a pretty decent job in not breaking my rules. As time goes on, I’ll get more of my rules written for people to read. As I sit here about to leave work, I am looking at a few videos on Youtube, and I am listening to some less than conscious music. Now, those who do not know me very well would call me a hypocrite for listening to this music. And that is rule #005 comes in;

Rule #005 – In All That You Do, Let There Be Balance

Yes, I think that you need to listen to music that has a message and meaning behind it. Music that tells the story of the struggles of people. Music that gets a message across to the masses. Music that is meant to touch your soul and cause you to have a spiritual experience. However, there is also some music that is mean for no other reason than to cause you to move your body. Music that is meant for the club. Music that is meant boob out of a pair of 15” sub woofers in the trunk of your 1985 Chevy Caprice. Music that is mean to have bass so low that you can feel it bouncing on the inside of your chest.

All of it is good music to someone. But, let’s please get back to a time when there was balance. After you have dinner, you have desert. Sometimes to follow up a great novel, you may read a trashy romance novella. However you bring balance to the force, do that and keep your balance. Do not allow music, movies, tv, books, or whatever your choice of entertainment is cause you to lose balance. Balance is what keeps us focused and centered.

Rule #005 – In All That You Do, Let There Be Balance