Storage Woes

If you know me, or have followed my social media posts, I have been struggling to figure out the perfect photo storage solution. I know a lot of people will wonder why is this such an issue, well, I like to hold on to my memories.

For most people these days, we don’t print out our photos anymore, and I am one of those people. Every now and then, I’ll want to print a photo. But for the most part, I look at them on my iPhone, iPad, or on the tv. I’m sure this is what most people do as well.

The issue for me is that I have so many photos that sorting becomes an issue. And that is why we are here. This is what I have found that works for me. It might work for you, or you might just laugh at the idea. Who knows.

Any photo that I actual take with my phone, table, or actual camera, is stored in my iCloud account. They are automatically uploaded, so that part is easy. Any photos that someone sends to me will also be stored in iCloud. Anything that I save from online, be it a meme, artwork, or any other kind of picture, will be stored in my OneDrive account. I use OneDrive because I mostly live in a Windows world when it comes to computing.

Also, Any photos that are stored in iCloud, will also be stored in OneDrive. the reason behind that is that the new OneDrive app finally can deal with .heic and .hevc files in a serviceable manner. They still have some work to do, but a lot of progress has been made. The files are stored in OneDrive and are easy to export and manipulate. While the preference would be to use Apple’s Photos application on a Mac to deal with everything, that is an application that is only available on Mac. I really need Apple to finally create Photos for Windows, but that is another post.

So in short, any photo that I take, or photo that someone sends me gets stored in iCloud and OneDrive. Anything I save from the inter-webs, gets stored on OneDrive. And yes the two above mentioned sections will be separated so that it is easy to distinguish when working on them.