Things I Need

So for lunch today, my office wife and I went to Moe’s.  The Moe’s over here near the office is the best one I have ever been to.  It’s kind of gloomy out, but not raining so we decided to walk.  While on the way out I say something about needing a new coat since the one I have on today is at least 6 years old.

She needs to get something out of her truck, so we detour to the parking garage, where I say, “One day I’ll get a new truck.”  She replies with,  “along with your new house, new coat, and new girlfriend.”  We both get a good laugh and head on to lunch.

So here is the list of  new things that I need.

New truck
New coat
New house
New girlfriend

Some of that list is easier obtained than others.  Who wants to volunteer to assist.  🙂