Apple App Store Review Guidelines

So Apple has released some of their App Store Review Guidelines.  Not sure if this will help with people’s perception of the process or not, but it is an interesting read.

As a budding mobile developer, I am not in favor of anything that prohibits my app from reaching the consumer.  I know there are those who will say this is a good thing and it allows for Apple to better shape the user experience, but to me, it’s about control and censorship, and those are things that I abhor when it comes to a device that I have paid my money for.

All the more reason I am playing with apps for Android and the Android market place.  With Android apps, you can post them on any website and have them installed by anyone who wants them.

OS X On The Apple TV

So I just saw a video about running OS X on the Apple TV.  Looked pretty freaking sweet.  I just may have to give this a try.  I am getting closer and closer to having all of my digital media on the big tv in the living room.

I have to give Apple credit, the Apple TV, the one with the hard drive in it, is an amazing little box.  I’m not sure if Apple envisioned all of these things when they built this box, but it’s amazing what all it can do.  I also saw a post talking about using a Logitech/Harmony all-in-one remote with the Apple TV.  It just keeps getting better and better.

Apple TV Is An Interesting Device

So I picked up an AppleTV yesterday.  Not the new $100 box with no hard drive, but an older one with a 40GB hard drive.  Someone was selling it on Craig’s List for a very good price, and I thought I would give it a try.

So far it has been an interesting device.  I have it synced with iTunes on my PC so all of my podcasts are being pushed to the AppleTV.  This part is very nice because it makes it very easy to watch my video podcasts on the big tv.

A really neat trick that Apple has going is the ability to use an iPhone or iPod touch as a remote for the AppleTV.  That makes searching so much nicer, since it uses the virtual keyboard on the iPhone/iPod and you do not have to scroll and search for things using the the very very basic remote that comes with the AppleTV.

Another really cool thing is the ability to play things on the PC in iTunes, but to use the AppleTV as the speakers.  This will be very nice once I have a better audio setup.

Now on to the real purpose of this device.  There are hacks out there for the AppleTV that will allow me to stream Boxee and Hulu.  Once I get that working, the cable bill gets cheaper.  The only thing I have not found is a way to watch Doctor Who that does not involve giving Comcast more money, or buying a subscription from iTunes.

So far, I am loving the AppleTV.  I wish I have invested in one sooner.  Apple is the king of vertical integration, and the way iTunes, AppleTV and the iPod/iPhone all come together is amazing.  Good show on this one Apple…good show indeed.