Change Is Coming Nephew…

I didn’t get to meet with my trainer last like as we had planned, due to the visitor policy at my current gym, but since I have paid for the month, I’m going to finish it out, then move to a gym with a friendlier visitor policy so that my trainer and I can have our sessions.

I did see my trainer on Saturday, and the first thing he says to me is that he can see some slimming down in my face.  That makes me feel pretty good, lets me know that my working out and change in my eating habits are working.  I can’t see the progress, but I trust him if he says it.

Also, I’m noticing something that I am very happy about…my clothes are getting bigger.  Nothing too extreme, but noticeable.  I need new belts.  I am pulling my current ones to the last hole, and they are still too loose.  But that is a good problem to have.  I’m actually pretty damn happy about it as I write this.  I have not stepped on a sale since I was at the doctors office, and I have no plans to do so.  One thing my trainer told me is that body fat percentage means a bit more than my actual weight.  He’s the professional, so I am listening to him.

Today is a wonderful day and I am not going to complain.  The sun is out, I am getting in better shape, and getting healthier.  I have a job that I enjoy going to, and people around me who actually care about my well being.  I’m living my best life right now.  LOL

Withdrawal Symptoms

With my new marching orders, I have done a pretty good job of eating better.  The only backsliding I have done was last weekend at Dragon Con, and that is just the nature of a Con.  But something I had not thought about until I talked to Smoochie earlier today.  I have had no withdrawal symptoms.

Earlier today, I needed to take some moving supplies to a friend, and since I was rushing a bit, I didn’t get to eat lunch, which was going to be the roast beef and stuff that I made last night.  So I stopped at Chick-Fil-A and grabbed some nuggets.  Chick-Fil-A has some really good nuggets, but what I noticed is that I could not eat them.  Nothing was wrong with them, they were not bad, they were not cold.  They were hot and looked wonderful.  But When I tried to eat them, my body just said no.  No vomiting or anything, but they just were not appealing.  I knew eventually my body would adjust to the new eating habits, but I was not expecting it to be this fast.

Also, what happened to my withdrawal symptoms?  I have not had any really massive cravings no have I just had to have some junk food.  My body’s only way of telling me that something is different, and this might be TMI, but my body is sending me to the bath room more often to take a dump.  As if my body is saying, “hold up homie, where is what we used to eat?  What is this new stuff?”  At some point my body will adjust and this will be the norm.

I just thought it was interesting that I was not having any of the cravings and other physical issues that people have suggested come with a change in diet.  And these were all from people who experienced the physical issues of withdrawal.  Of course it’s only been 2 weeks, and maybe my body has not yet noticed, and it’s going to hit me hard at some point.  Who knows.  Let’s just stay on this path and find out what happens.

A Few Days In The Hospital

So yeah, the title really tells you what this one is about.  Some of the details will not be exact, since I did not write this as soon as it happened, but this is the meat of the story.

So on Saturday the 18th I woke up and knew I was sick.  I was shivering, had diarrhea, and a lot of vomiting.  Around 2:00 p.m. I had a temperature of 102.  So Tia gave me some extra strength Tylenol, thinking that would help get the fever down.  And in normal situations, it would.  While taking it, she told me if my fever got really bad, I had two options.  Get in the ambulance or get in her truck to go to the Hospital.

Tia brought me some soup and crackers, with some ginger ale.  I was not able to hold it down.  I spent a lot of time on the bathroom floor hugging the porcelain bowl as well as sitting on the porcelain bowl.  It was a really shitting Saturday.

Come 8:30, Chris comes up stairs and we find out my temperature and it is 103.7.  At 104, brain damage can occur, as well as organ failure.  And I love my brain way too much to let anything happen to it.  Chris goes downstairs to tell Tia what my temperature is, and I begin to get dressed.  At this point, I know I’m going to the hospital, I’m not even going to fight it.

So Tia takes me to the ER, and drops me off to go park the car.  The lady at the admissions desk asks me some questions, I tell her my fever is 103.7, and she presses the button, and says, “oh, you can come on around now.”  They know this is much worse than I am aware of.  Tia makes her way in and has to look for me, because they took me back so fast.  LOL

So they are checking my vitals and asking me questions.  They ask me if I had any pain, and for the first time in a long time, I actually had some pain.  I told them about the pain in my left leg, that extended from my groin to my calf.  The nurse made a strange face, and continued taking her notes.

They stick me and take some blood, then send me off to make them a urine sample.  So a few hours go by and they finally come back with the news that they are admitting me…at 3:30-ish in the morning.  I;’m not happy, but I know it must be serious.

So I finally make my way to a room, they take more blood, and start me on a saline drip.  After a few hours my temp goes down and I start to feel better.  The nurses & doctors have also scheduled a series of x-rays to find out what is going on with the pain in my leg.  I didn’t think anything of it, as I attributed the pain to the odd positions I was on most of the day on the bathroom floor.

So they take some x-rays of my legs, my chest, and my abdomen. The x-rahys reveal that I have a large blood clot…remember when I said my leg was hurting from my groin down to my calf.  Yeah, that big.  So they immediately put me on a blood thinner, as well as an aggressive round of antibiotics.  The doctors said that what was going on with me was caused by an infection of some sort.  The x-rays also revealed something strange about my kidneys.  That it appeared as if I passed a kidney stone.  The doctor said it must have been a small one since I never felt any pain when passing it.

So over the next few days my temperature gets back to normal, I complained and bitched a lot about all the poking and taking blood, the blood clot begins to clear, and the antibiotics did their job.  This was my first time being admitted to the hospital and I hope it is the last.  I was talking to the doctors during one of the times they saw me, and the realization that I could have died had I not went to the hospital sat in.  I probably would not have died that night, but easily within the next few weeks had I not gone to get checked out.

After being discharged, I packed up and started to head out of my hospital room, but on the way out, the bandage they had where one of the IV’s came loose.  And being on the blood thinner has me not clotting as fast as normal.  So when the bandage comes off, I start bleeding.  It’s not gushing, but it’s running down my arm, and there is a lot of it.  And I am happy to report that the sigh of my own blood does not bother me.  LOL

So yeah, that is where I am right now.  Thankful to be alive, on blood thinners for the next 6 months, and trying to get my head back in the game.

Moral of the story, go to the doctor when you don’t feel well.  Go once a year for your check up, and talk to people, let them know what is going on with you so that you are not going through something alone.

Project Beach Body

So, yeah, it’s been a while since I was last in the gym on a regular basis. Needless to say, Project Beach body has been on hiatus for a while. the largest issue for me as always been access to workout equipment. I used to work out at the gym on campus, but I work on a college campus, and it’s always crowded. And their locker policy makes no sense to me. You have to arrive at 6 a.m. the 1st day of each new semester to get your locker. And you have 100% unrestricted use of the locker until the next semester.

So fast forward to yesterday. A Planet Fitness opens just down the street where I live. The membership is cheaper than the gym on campus, they have a lot more cardio machines and weight machines than the gym on campus. Their free weight section is a larger, but not substantially. And their locker policy is that the locker is yours, while you are there working out. When you are not there, the locker is someone else’s to use, and their is no fee.

I went to the gym yesterday and got a good workout in. Not a great workout, but it’s been a while, so I needed to take it a little slow until I get used to going again. Planet Fitness seems like it will be a cool place to work out. There is no shortage of equipment, and I think they are 24/7, but I need to look into that. The gym on campus did not keep those kinds of hours, but that is to be expected. It’s on a college campus where students have more flexible time than I do. Also, I don’t work on the weekends, so it was always a pain to get to campus on the weekends to workout.

Yesterday’s workout was a good one. I am feeling the typical day after effects that you would expect, and it while it does hurt a little, it’s a good hurt. A hurt that lets me know good work is being done. I think it is safe to say that Project Beach Body is re-instated and looks to stay in service with this new facility just down the street from where I live.

To these extra pounds I have gained over the years…..your days are numbered.

Tangible Progress

So I have been working out and changing my eating habbits for a while now.  Anyone who follows my blog knows this.  What some of you may not know is that I never get on the scale.  My goal has never been to lose weight, but to get into better shape.

By getting in to better shape, the weight loss will come.  I’ve been lounging around for most of the day doing stuff at home and fighting with my shorts.  I did not really put two and two together until just a few minutes ago.  These shorts are now too big.  They are too big.  I keep having to pull them up when I move from one room to another.

You know what that means, tangible progress of the working out and eating better.  While it may not mean much to most of you, it means a lot to me.  I have struggled with my weight for the last few years and because I would never see any progress, I did not always stick with the program.  This time around I have stuck with it and I have tangible results.  I don’t know what was the linchpin this time around, but what ever it is, it is working.

Day #2, Headaches Were Worse

Day #2 went a lot like Day #1.  The only thing that made today different is that the head aches were worse.  But I’ve dealt with worse pain, so I will cope.  Weaning yourself off something that your body is so used to having is not easy.  It’s damn hard.

Now, I know that breaking myself from my over consumption of Dr. Pepper, and soda in general, is nothing compaired to what other people deal with when breaking free from a real addiction, but it gives me a slight glimpse into what those people have to deal with.  For those who have broken themselves of a drug addition, alcohol addiction, or any other kind of self destructive behavior, I salute you.  Your fight was a hell of a lot harder than mine is.

Day 1, And It Was Rough.

So it’s no secret that I have been working on getting in to better shape, and in general, just trying to be healthier.  So far, I’ve made ok progress.  My main issue whenever I try this, and I have tried several times to get into better shape, but my main issue is that I lack motivation.  And without motivation, staying on the path is hard.  It’s hard as hell.

Well, AC gave me a challenge last night.  The challenge was not to have any Dr. Pepper for 24 hours.  Now, I drink far too much soda.  Hell, my day starts with a Dr. Pepper, but today, today started out with orange juice.  And all I had to drink the rest of the day was water, and with dinner I had some tea.

Now, throughout the day, I pass 2 vending machines a lot, and it would have been very easy to cheat, and get a Mr. Pibb, since it is technically not a Dr. Pepper.  But that is defeating the purpose.  The challenge was no Dr. Pepper, but that easily means no soda at all.  And trust me, it wore me out.  Around 11 my head was hurting and I had this odd feeling in my stomach.  It was not hunger, it was my body fighting me for not giving it a Dr. Pepper.

At the end of the day, I did not give in to temptation.  It is currently 9:15 p.m., and I have had no soda at all today.  I don’t feel very good right now, but hey, that is just my body going through withdrawal symptoms since it has had no Dr. Pepper today.  Giving something up that you love is hard, it’s hard as hell, but for those of you who know me, and I mean really know me, know what I recently gave up, and you know that it was worth it.  And as much as I love what I gave up, I gave it up, I don’t regret it, and if I had to do it over for those same reasons, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

So Dr. Pepper should be a damn cake walk.  I’ll just be glad when my body is done fighting me.  I will not lose this fight to some damn urges for that sweet delicious Dr. Pepper.

……deep sigh.

No Eating Out Means More Money Saved

I thought I would try something this week and see how it goes.  A dear friend of mine has given up eating out for Lent, and while I don’t think I am quite ready for that, I have manage to not eat out at all this week.  Some of you may say, big deal, it’s only Wednesday.  For me, that is a good thing.  I usually budget in eating out for lunch so that I am not shocked by the amount of money I spend.

However, I have not had to use that budget of money and it has been nice to see that extra sitting in my bank account.  It’s not an obscene amount of money, but it is noticible.  I have also been cooking more at home.  I’m not the greatest cook in the world, but I do ok.  So far there have been no withdrawl symptoms.  It will be interesting to see if I can get back to only eating out on the weekends.  While it may not seem like much, it’s another step in the path to better health for me.

The path I walk leads to the rabbit hole.  Just how deep does that hole go, no one really knows, but I will find out.

Spring Break In the ATL

It’s spring Break at my job, so campus is pretty empty.  There are still a few choice ladies that will catch your eye, but that is now what this post is about.  Ok, so maybe just a little.  But more importantly, it’s beautiful outside.  The weather is nice, there is a decent breeze, and there are some very lovely ladies out and about.

Go outside and have lunch, or just take a walk.  But do something outside since the weather is as nice as it is.  You jut may meet someone new, and if you don’t, it is still a good idea to get out and get some exercise in this beautiful weather that we have.

Being Sore All Over

So I’ve been back at GT for two months now and I park the equivilant of a few blocks from my building.  It’s about a 10 minute walk.  The walking has made me realize something….I am out of shape.  I do not move enough.  My walk is made more difficult by two things that I do.  I sometimes take the longer way from my parking deck to my building, and I now carry a heavy backpack with stuff in it, to make the walk harder.

The weighted backpack has done a lot for increasing my aerobic capicity.  I have been working out as well, but not as much as I want to.  I’ve been working on getting the cardio up before hitting the gym in high gear.  Next week will probably be the 1st week of increasing my working.

I’m still toying around with the idea of a weighted workout to get more out of it, but I need to do some research and find out what is the best way to have a weighted workout.  I’m sure there are some products out there, I just need to find the,.  This is going to be an interesting journey back to being fit.  It’s a painful journey, but one that my body will thank me for since it will live longer.