Change Is Coming Nephew…

I didn’t get to meet with my trainer last like as we had planned, due to the visitor policy at my current gym, but since I have paid for the month, I’m going to finish it out, then move to a gym with a friendlier visitor policy so that my trainer and I can have our sessions.

I did see my trainer on Saturday, and the first thing he says to me is that he can see some slimming down in my face.  That makes me feel pretty good, lets me know that my working out and change in my eating habits are working.  I can’t see the progress, but I trust him if he says it.

Also, I’m noticing something that I am very happy about…my clothes are getting bigger.  Nothing too extreme, but noticeable.  I need new belts.  I am pulling my current ones to the last hole, and they are still too loose.  But that is a good problem to have.  I’m actually pretty damn happy about it as I write this.  I have not stepped on a sale since I was at the doctors office, and I have no plans to do so.  One thing my trainer told me is that body fat percentage means a bit more than my actual weight.  He’s the professional, so I am listening to him.

Today is a wonderful day and I am not going to complain.  The sun is out, I am getting in better shape, and getting healthier.  I have a job that I enjoy going to, and people around me who actually care about my well being.  I’m living my best life right now.  LOL

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