Withdrawal Symptoms

With my new marching orders, I have done a pretty good job of eating better.  The only backsliding I have done was last weekend at Dragon Con, and that is just the nature of a Con.  But something I had not thought about until I talked to Smoochie earlier today.  I have had no withdrawal symptoms.

Earlier today, I needed to take some moving supplies to a friend, and since I was rushing a bit, I didn’t get to eat lunch, which was going to be the roast beef and stuff that I made last night.  So I stopped at Chick-Fil-A and grabbed some nuggets.  Chick-Fil-A has some really good nuggets, but what I noticed is that I could not eat them.  Nothing was wrong with them, they were not bad, they were not cold.  They were hot and looked wonderful.  But When I tried to eat them, my body just said no.  No vomiting or anything, but they just were not appealing.  I knew eventually my body would adjust to the new eating habits, but I was not expecting it to be this fast.

Also, what happened to my withdrawal symptoms?  I have not had any really massive cravings no have I just had to have some junk food.  My body’s only way of telling me that something is different, and this might be TMI, but my body is sending me to the bath room more often to take a dump.  As if my body is saying, “hold up homie, where is what we used to eat?  What is this new stuff?”  At some point my body will adjust and this will be the norm.

I just thought it was interesting that I was not having any of the cravings and other physical issues that people have suggested come with a change in diet.  And these were all from people who experienced the physical issues of withdrawal.  Of course it’s only been 2 weeks, and maybe my body has not yet noticed, and it’s going to hit me hard at some point.  Who knows.  Let’s just stay on this path and find out what happens.

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