Another Lost Jacket

Background: Amare has lost about 6 jackets this school year. He knows this burns me up … every time he comes home without a jacket I revoke his computer access which drives him crazy… Hence our conversation today when I met him at the bus stop.

Mommy to Amare: Hello Amare how was your day?
Amare to Mommy: it was fine…
Mommy to Amare: where’s your jacket?
Amare to Mommy: Somewhere on the playground at school .. my friend hid it from me and I couldn’t find it before recess was over..
Mommy to Amare: cool, no technology devices until you locate the jacket
Amare to Mommy: You know what mommy, I think you are going about this punishment the wrong way …
Mommy to self: Really… a 7 year old is offering me advisement on discipline methods ????
Mommy to Amare: ok Amare … indulge me.. what am I doing wrong?
Amare to Mommy: if you really want to punish me for not bringing my jacket home you should send me to school with no coat. I would be very cold and that would surely teach me a lesson…
Mommy to self: He’s so conniving đŸ˜’
Mommy to Amare: Your logic makes sense… but I’m going to stick with my no technology leverage because I found it to be equally effective.  Sending you to school with no jacket in the winter just makes me a debunk mommy…
Amare to Mommy: Rats

Mommy = 1 Amare = 0

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