I Posted It On Facebook

You know what, some of you need a good kick in the head.  Far too many times people have told me, “I posted it on Facebook, why didn’t you see it?”  Maybe you idiots have forgotten how Facebook works, but you are not the only person I have on my Facebook friends list.

I have told people, unless you tag me in your status message, or I happen to log in right as it passes through my feed, then the odds of me seeing it are pretty damn slim.  Why some of you think that all of your FB friends will always see your status messages, for the life of me I have no fucking clue why you think this.

No, I don’t go and look at your page every time I log in.  There is a high likelihood that I never look at your page unless you tag me in something and I go check.  So please stop assuming that just because you posted something on Facebook that I will see it.

For those of you who continue to think this, you’re a dumb ass.