Spend Time With Your Family

Today was an interesting day.  For a lot of you, it was a typical Sunday, not so much for me.  I have not seen my mom in a while, and that is my fault for being too busy and not making the time.  Today, she, my sister, and I went to dinner and just hung out for a while.

It was cool because before my dad died, all of us would get together either on Sunday or Saturday and have dinner and just do things that families do.  So today was a pretty fun, as we ate and talked about what was going on and a good time was had.

We need to be sure to do this more often.  I’m a pretty private person, well, somewhat private when it comes to my family.  I don’t really talk about them much, and I am thinking about changing that.  It helps me to keep my focus and to remember all the good things in life.  We’re not a particularly close family, so when we do things, together, I like to remember them.

I guess the point I am making is that family is important.  Weather that family be blood relation, family by marriage, or just people you have in your life who you deem worthy of being family, they are all important people.  Never forget that.

Spend time with your family.  Get to know them if you don’t know them very well.  Family is all that some of us have, and it’s a shame not to make the most of them.