Day #2, Headaches Were Worse

Day #2 went a lot like Day #1.  The only thing that made today different is that the head aches were worse.  But I’ve dealt with worse pain, so I will cope.  Weaning yourself off something that your body is so used to having is not easy.  It’s damn hard.

Now, I know that breaking myself from my over consumption of Dr. Pepper, and soda in general, is nothing compaired to what other people deal with when breaking free from a real addiction, but it gives me a slight glimpse into what those people have to deal with.  For those who have broken themselves of a drug addition, alcohol addiction, or any other kind of self destructive behavior, I salute you.  Your fight was a hell of a lot harder than mine is.

Day 1, And It Was Rough.

So it’s no secret that I have been working on getting in to better shape, and in general, just trying to be healthier.  So far, I’ve made ok progress.  My main issue whenever I try this, and I have tried several times to get into better shape, but my main issue is that I lack motivation.  And without motivation, staying on the path is hard.  It’s hard as hell.

Well, AC gave me a challenge last night.  The challenge was not to have any Dr. Pepper for 24 hours.  Now, I drink far too much soda.  Hell, my day starts with a Dr. Pepper, but today, today started out with orange juice.  And all I had to drink the rest of the day was water, and with dinner I had some tea.

Now, throughout the day, I pass 2 vending machines a lot, and it would have been very easy to cheat, and get a Mr. Pibb, since it is technically not a Dr. Pepper.  But that is defeating the purpose.  The challenge was no Dr. Pepper, but that easily means no soda at all.  And trust me, it wore me out.  Around 11 my head was hurting and I had this odd feeling in my stomach.  It was not hunger, it was my body fighting me for not giving it a Dr. Pepper.

At the end of the day, I did not give in to temptation.  It is currently 9:15 p.m., and I have had no soda at all today.  I don’t feel very good right now, but hey, that is just my body going through withdrawal symptoms since it has had no Dr. Pepper today.  Giving something up that you love is hard, it’s hard as hell, but for those of you who know me, and I mean really know me, know what I recently gave up, and you know that it was worth it.  And as much as I love what I gave up, I gave it up, I don’t regret it, and if I had to do it over for those same reasons, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

So Dr. Pepper should be a damn cake walk.  I’ll just be glad when my body is done fighting me.  I will not lose this fight to some damn urges for that sweet delicious Dr. Pepper.

……deep sigh.

Rule #004, Know Your Purpose In Life

I’ve always been the type of person that likes to help people.  I don’t know why, but anytime someone has been in need, and I was able to help, there I was.  Well, after some thought, and also looking at the jobs that I have had in my adult life, the answer was starring me in the face.  My role is that of support.

I’ve never been a person who cared for the spotlight.  I’ve always operated behind the scens making sure that things happened with no one knowing if anything went wrong behind the scenes.  For some strange reason, that is just what I like to do.  I look back at school, both high school and college, organizations I have been involved in, and the pattern has always been there.  I’m always drawn to a role that is needed, but goes unnoticed by most.  I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but one thing I can say is that the things I get involved in will get 110% of my effort.

So if you see me slipping backstage, know that I’m going to fix something so that what you are currently enjoying, will continue to be enjoyable.  No, I’m not looking to be in the spotlight, I just want to know that things worked out as they should have.  That is my reward…..well, that and whatever compensation has been negotiated for my services.

My Type

So, while taking a friend and his girlfriend to work, she says to me, “you seem like a nice guy, want me to hook you up with any of my friends?”  With a follow up questions of, “what exactly is your type?”

I have not been asked this question in a very long time, and, to be honest, “my type” has changed a lot since I was last asked that question.  My answer used to immediately start off with

  • Size 10 or smaller
  • Attractive to me
  • Finds me attractive
  • Smart & Intelligent
  • Enjoys technology, but does not have to be a gadget junkie
  • A football fan, being a Falcons fan gets you a lot more points
  • Bring to the table at least what I bring to the table
  • Enjoys some of the same movies, TV shows, music and books, that I do.  Not all, but some
  • A family oriented woman.  At least be open to the idea of having a family
  • A woman who believes in a higher power.  I’m not the biggest church goer, so I can’t in good faith say she must be.  But if she is a church going woman, I have no problem getting up and going with her.

There are some other things on the list, but these are the only ones I think I’ll mention here.  Over time, my requirements have changed, as I think they should as a person grows.  The above list is a general guideline and not a hard line.  If the woman I meet does  meet some of the list above, that does not mean she is disqualified, but just means that we will see how well she and I can mesh together.

This list does not really seem like a lot to me, and I’m sure if you and I were to actually talk about this list, and have a real conversation, you would see some more insight in to me.  Oh well, until Mrs. Jenkins comes along, I have no issue with friends trying to fix me up with their cute female friends.  🙂