The Things You Notice When You Get Older

So I’m sitting here killing time before the game tonight, so I’m watching some episodes of Transformers season 1.  Now, here is what we know.  Prior to the transformers coming to Earth, they had alternate vehicle forms.  We all know this.  However, I noticed that when they are in their robot forms, their bodies are composed of vehicle parts that belong on their Earth vehicle forms.

Now, as a kid, this was never an issue, but as an adult, I see this and it makes no sense to me.  Then again, this is a cartoon that was created in order to sell toys, and not one to hold a deep plot line.

But still, it is interesting the things you notice as an adult.

Live Music Is The Best Kind Of Music

So last night a friend and I went to The Loft to check out the Robin Thicke concert.  I know who Robin Thicke is and have heard a few of his songs.  Being there live to see him perform is a very different experience.  I have to give him credit, he is a good performer and very funny.  Stage presence was pretty good, and he knows how to play off the vibe of the crowd.

The band who was there playing  was great.  I’ve always preferred live music to pre-recorded tracks.  There is a lot to be said for the bass player and their ability to freestyle at the drop of a dime.  The same can be said for the other members, but the bass guitar has always been a favorite of mine, 2nd only to led guitar.  Throughout the performance TM was telling me which of his songs were from old albums and which were from his new album.  Needless to say, she is a fan of his, and lost herself in the music at times.  Which I think is a great thing.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love music, and anyone who can lose themselves in the music is always going to be alright with me.

One of the things that I also took away from last night is that it is important to know who and what is being played on the radio.  I’m not a big fan of most of what is played on the radio, but TM had to tell me a couple of times what song and who the artist was.  There were a couple of breaks for Thicke and the band.  There was song song being played, that Thicke made it a point to say, “white people have to call it ninjas.”  That reference was lost on me, until TM explained to me that here is a Kanye and Jay-Z track called “N@$$#’s In Paris.”

The evening was a good one and a good time was had by all who attended.  Well, all who I cared about weather or not they had a good time.  🙂   I must make it a point to check out more spots with live music.  And to make sure I have good company with me when I do.  Good company can make the difference in an ok evening, and a good evening out.

Things I Need

So for lunch today, my office wife and I went to Moe’s.  The Moe’s over here near the office is the best one I have ever been to.  It’s kind of gloomy out, but not raining so we decided to walk.  While on the way out I say something about needing a new coat since the one I have on today is at least 6 years old.

She needs to get something out of her truck, so we detour to the parking garage, where I say, “One day I’ll get a new truck.”  She replies with,  “along with your new house, new coat, and new girlfriend.”  We both get a good laugh and head on to lunch.

So here is the list of  new things that I need.

New truck
New coat
New house
New girlfriend

Some of that list is easier obtained than others.  Who wants to volunteer to assist.  🙂

Rule #003, Get To Know The People Around You

So recently, someone who I have not seen since high school came back into my life.  We ran in different circles back then, so it’s no big surprise that it has been this long since we last spoke.  However, it has been good to be reunited with this person.  The process of getting to know someone you used to know is kind of interesting.

I stumbled upon her blog on Tumblr, and she made it a point to tell me to read it.  So I have been doing just that.  As I read it, I am seeing how interesting this person is.  There are some funny things there to discover, and it feels like reading the chapter’s in a person’s life story.  Which, I guess that is exactly what I am doing.  Reading her blog, also reminds me of how much fun it is to write.  I need to do more writing.  Not just on my own blog, but I’ve always wanted to write a book.  I need to get started on that as well.

The moral of the story is exactly what the title of this post is.  Get to know the people around you, I mean really get to know them.  You never know what a wealth of information people have, and you also get to see a side of them that not many people may know about.