Reading documentation sucks ass, but it is a necessary part of the job.  I am a very technically adept individual, but reading documentation on a new product, or a product you are not familiar with, really makes me stop and wonder, is this what “regular” people feel like when they have to learn something new.

Oh well, back to the documentation.  I’ll figure it out, there is no other option.

Too Many Outlets

Earlier today, I saw a friends post on Twitter, and it contained a link to their Tumblr page.  This got me to thinking, and, there are far too many social networking sites out there.  It’s hard enough keeping up with Facebook and Twitter, but there are also Tumblr, Blogger, and a host of other smaller sites still trying to compete for page views.

It just makes me remember that I have neglected my own WebLog for far too long, and that I need to bring all of that stuff back home to a site that I manage, and have it stored in a database that I own and control.  Since this will feed into other places that people read, it will be seen by those who are supposed to see it.

HTC Thunderbolt

I recently received my HTC Thunderbolt and have been loving this phone.  I was able to get it rooted and have figured out how to load custom ROM’s on the phone.  Life is now good.  I am no longer shackled to that damned Motorola Droid X.  It started out as a good phone, but Motorola screwed it up royally with their shitty Moto Blur interface and their half assed updates.

The Droid X almost had me turned away from Android, but I had to take a step back and do some digging on the forums and found that the Thunderbolt, even though its bootloader was locked, could be unlocked, and thus giving me free reign on my phone.

So now, I am back at the helm and hacking again.