No Eating Out Means More Money Saved

I thought I would try something this week and see how it goes.  A dear friend of mine has given up eating out for Lent, and while I don’t think I am quite ready for that, I have manage to not eat out at all this week.  Some of you may say, big deal, it’s only Wednesday.  For me, that is a good thing.  I usually budget in eating out for lunch so that I am not shocked by the amount of money I spend.

However, I have not had to use that budget of money and it has been nice to see that extra sitting in my bank account.  It’s not an obscene amount of money, but it is noticible.  I have also been cooking more at home.  I’m not the greatest cook in the world, but I do ok.  So far there have been no withdrawl symptoms.  It will be interesting to see if I can get back to only eating out on the weekends.  While it may not seem like much, it’s another step in the path to better health for me.

The path I walk leads to the rabbit hole.  Just how deep does that hole go, no one really knows, but I will find out.

Spring Break In the ATL

It’s spring Break at my job, so campus is pretty empty.  There are still a few choice ladies that will catch your eye, but that is now what this post is about.  Ok, so maybe just a little.  But more importantly, it’s beautiful outside.  The weather is nice, there is a decent breeze, and there are some very lovely ladies out and about.

Go outside and have lunch, or just take a walk.  But do something outside since the weather is as nice as it is.  You jut may meet someone new, and if you don’t, it is still a good idea to get out and get some exercise in this beautiful weather that we have.

Amaris To Mommy Moment

Mommy to Amaris:  Amaris, I told everybody about how funny your torn up stockings are.

Amaris to mommy:  I told everybody you have corns on your big toe.

Mommy to Amaris:  Why did you tell everybody that? Amaris to mommy: the same reason you told everybody about my stockings.

Mommy to self: priceless

Event Blogger

So it’s been some time since I have written anything in here, and I know why.  I think I have become an event blogger.  A term coined by my THW.  I only write when something happens.  I need to, and I also want to put more effort into posting on a more frequent bassis.

While I am not the greatest writer in the world, I do enjoy putting my thoughts onto hard drives and other magnetic media.  It’s a good kind of therapy that I need, and I’m sure a lot of us need, but we don’t.

So here is the 1st entry, in what should be a somewhat steady flow of entries about my life, and the things that happen on a semi regular basis, and not just the major life changing events.