Where Do We Go From Here?

I wrote this back in Febuary, but never posted it.  It’s time….

Where Do We Go From Here?

What do we do?  How do we move forward?  We do what other teams do when they lose the Super Bowl.  We lick our wounds and get ready for next season.

And I don’t wish to trade this experience for a losing season, no, not at all.  Be glad we had this trip to show people what we can do.  Now, now we go back into the workshop and retool.  We look at why we lost the Super Bowl and fix those issues.

We know the formula to get there, and I have faith that this is not our last trip there.  Not by a long shot.

It hurts. It hurts like hell, but I’m right there with you brothers.  Right there with you as we cheer on and celebrate our Atlanta Falcons.  The national media is going to shit on us, we can’t do it to ourselves.

As The Calls Pend….

In this episode of as the calls pend… 

1. Lady calls 911 because her glasses are stolen and wants an eta for police, we advise it may be a while due to the nature of other calls at that precinct. She then curses the operator out and explains that her glasses are just as important as someone’s life because without them she’s nothing :\

2. Elderly woman calls because her pet racoon was stolen by animal control and she wants them to find “her racoon” and bring it back, also noting she would know if it was the wrong one

3. Female calls requesting police conduct a “welfare check” on her husband… he went to purchase weed hours ago and hasn’t returned yet. She then proceeds to give her husbands name, vehicle description, tag and the drug dealers address. #hesgonnaleaveyou

#asthecallspend #pdproblems #dispatchproblems #blesstheyhearts #cantmakethisup

A Complex Sentence

I love these moments between a friend of mine and her kids.

Amare to Mommy moment:

Background: Amare and I were discussing his spelling words for the week. One of his words was humid.

Amare to Mommy: What does humid mean?

I explain what humid means.

Amare to Mommy: Use humid in a sentence, I want to make sure I understand your definition…

I use humid in a sentence…

Amare to Mommy: hmmmmm…

Mommy to Amare: what’s wrong? You don’t follow my sentence?

Amare to Mommy: Yeah I follow, but I was looking for a more complex sentence..

Mommy to Self: Word.. you questioning sentence complexity and you didn’t know the definition of the word???

Over it

Another Lost Jacket

Background: Amare has lost about 6 jackets this school year. He knows this burns me up … every time he comes home without a jacket I revoke his computer access which drives him crazy… Hence our conversation today when I met him at the bus stop.

Mommy to Amare: Hello Amare how was your day?
Amare to Mommy: it was fine…
Mommy to Amare: where’s your jacket?
Amare to Mommy: Somewhere on the playground at school .. my friend hid it from me and I couldn’t find it before recess was over..
Mommy to Amare: cool, no technology devices until you locate the jacket
Amare to Mommy: You know what mommy, I think you are going about this punishment the wrong way …
Mommy to self: Really… a 7 year old is offering me advisement on discipline methods ????
Mommy to Amare: ok Amare … indulge me.. what am I doing wrong?
Amare to Mommy: if you really want to punish me for not bringing my jacket home you should send me to school with no coat. I would be very cold and that would surely teach me a lesson…
Mommy to self: He’s so conniving 😒
Mommy to Amare: Your logic makes sense… but I’m going to stick with my no technology leverage because I found it to be equally effective.  Sending you to school with no jacket in the winter just makes me a debunk mommy…
Amare to Mommy: Rats

Mommy = 1 Amare = 0

You ‘Bout A Dumb Bastard

LMMFAO…you are not going to believe this shit. So I am on the way back to my office for lunch, and I pass one of our facilities people, and like I always do, give a head nod and say what’s up. Now, this time, this guy stops and starts talking to me, while I have my head phones on, so I didn’t know he was talking at first.

So I stopped, took my headphones off, and he says, “you’re probably wondering why when you speak to me, I don’t speak back. It’s because a long time ago, you looked me dead in my face, and didn’t speak. And I fell like if people don’t speak to me, I’m not going to speak back when they start.” Now, this is coming from a young black guy who looks to be about 25-ish years old.

To which I tell him, “I don’t remember ever not speaking, because I speak to every brown person on this campus.” He says, “it doesn’t matter, because he remembers it.” I tell him, “you assume that I looked at you and ignored you, so you don’t speak back, ever?” I go on to say, “and that’s part of the problem, you assume that I slighted you in some way” and he cuts me off saying “I know that you saw me, because you looked me dead in my face, and that’s why I’m not going to speak to you.”

At this point, I really don’t give a damn, so I tell him, “hey, if that’s how you feel, that’s fine, but it’s not going to stop me from speaking to you and every other brown person I see. That’s just who I am.” I then put my headphones back on and finish the walk back to my office.

I just don’t get it, as a man, as a black man, you stop me to tell me that you don’t speak because you feel like I have slighted you in some way. then I tell you I had no idea that I slighted you, but you are still convinced that I did, and have made up your mind about what you perceive to be why I did something?

I just don’t understand what the hell is wrong with you people.

72 Hours In BlueRidge

I had a blast kicking it with the homie Jade and her friends for her birthday weekend.  It was a blast, and we must do it again. It’s taken me a long time to get the pictures posted, but here they are.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon Go is a new game that has a ton of people in love with it.  So much so that people are not paying attention to their surroundings.  There have been car accidents, people have been hit bay cars, fallen off cliffs, I forget how high of a cliff, but still a cliff.

All of that is going on…well earlier this week, as I left my building to go to lunch, I pass this young Asian woman walking on the sidewalk, carrying two cell phones.  She stops, spins around to find her Pokemon, moves to where they are, and begins to toss out PokeBalls to catch her Pokemon.

Later that same lunch break, about 7 minutes later, a young Indian woman veers out into the street as I am driving, she wanders in front of my vehicle, but somehow realizes she is in the street, and quickly darts out of the way.  Now if you know me, you know I would not hurt anyone who has not put their hands on me, or someone that I love, but she didn’t know that.  LOL.  And I won’t lie, it was a little fun to scare her a bit.

Moral of the story, if you want to play your games, go for it, play them and have fun.  Even if with two phones.  But by all means, please be aware of your circumstances.  Not everyone is going to be as nice of a driver as I am.

Be safe out there while playing.

Oh The Irony

Interesting that we live in a country that was founded on slavery, violence, murder, genocide, and all out war.  Yet the current ruling class demands that you be peaceful when you protest their abuse of you.  Now, I don’t know about you, but that makes no damn sense at all to me.

To me, it sounds like they want to keep you docile and accepting of the abuse they are dishing out to you.  Look at all the struggles that people of color in this country have had to endure.  Then remember that they told you that you were allowed to assemble peacefully to protest what was going on.

Then remember what the ruling class of this country did to gain its independence and you tell me, which method was more effective.

Ice Martini Bar With The Crew

Kicking it with the homies celebrating Toni’s birthday.

Rule #007, Be Excellent To Each Other

On Monday, as I was leaving for lunch, a student asks me for $0.05.  Now, I don’t usually carry cash, so I gave her my BuzzCard and told her to just swipe it in the vending machine to get what she was going to get if I had the $0.05 to give her.  And just for clarity, a BuzzCard is our on campus ID card, and you can put money on it to use at most places on campus.  But back to the story.

So she has this look on her face of disbelief, and I have a look of confusion on mine.  She then says that she can’t believe I did that.  To which I told her, hey, if I can help when someone needs help, I help.  I’m not sure if she was a grad student or not, but she was a brown skinned sista who was in need.  Now, anyone who really knows me, knows that I believe that we have to look out for each other, because no one else is going to.

So as we are standing there, she proceeds to tell me how beautiful of a person I am for letting her use my BuzzCard to get what she was going to get.  Now, it was something from the vending machine, and it was maybe $1.75, not a big deal at all to me, but I get that the gesture is what she was shocked by.  She says how people just don’t stop and help other people these days, let alone just buy them what it is they were trying to get.  We talked a for a bit, and then went our separate ways.

In life, we all have the power to help or harm people.  Which of those options we choose is completely up to each individual.  I choose to help people when I can, and I hope that my acts of kindness will influence others to do the same.  To me, those acts of kindness and our ability to help people are two of the most important reasons why we are here on this rock floating in space.